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Laverty/Lafferty: Ballymena & Donegal

If you think we are related please make contact.

* The cover photograph is of Daniel Laverty and Rose McAfee.

The children of my great great great grandparents Hugh Laverty (1803-1883) and Mary O’Hara (1812-1882) of Deerfin near Ballymena.

Ellen Laverty (1836-), James (c1837-c1905) married Rose Ann Johnston (these are my great great grandparents), Rose baptised (1838-), Henry (1840-) might be Henry (1844-) who married Nancy Burgess in 1865 and had a daughter Mary (1865-), Catherine (1841-1890), maybe Harriet (1845-) who may have married Henry Loughry on 4 March 1864 in Ballymena., Mary Ann (1849-), Daniel (1852-), Hugh Patrick baptised (1854-), maybe James (1857-), maybe John (1858-1880).

Catherine Laverty (1841-1890) married Hugh Laverty (1841-1911), a blacksmith in Galgorm, Ballymena. Catherine’s parents Hugh Laverty and Mary O’Hara died in their care. Catherine and Hugh have several children, Rose 35 in 1901. James (1869-), blacksmith, married Catherine McKeever, linen lapper, whose father Felix McKeever was a blacksmith. Henry who registered Catherine’s death.

Daniel Laverty (1852-1908) married 1) Mary O’Hara (1851-1879) and 2) Rose Anne McAfee 1861-1943. He had 13 children. Worked on the railway, Stranrolar, Donegal.

Daniel Laverty, blacksmith, married Mary Jane O’Hara, servant, in Ballymena in 1870, Mary Jane’s father was William O’Hara a ploughman. Daniel and Mary Jane had three children; Mary (1871-), Henry (1873-1886), Daniel (1876-1916) married Ellen Murphy on 2 June 1901 in Manhattan. Mary Jane nee O’Hara died on August 18th 1879 of Typhoid in the Royal Hospital.

Daniel Laverty married Rose Anne McAfee (1861-1943) in Belfast in 1883, her father John McAfee is a labourer.

* Daniel and Rose live in Stranrolar until 1893 when they move to Belfast. They have ten children; John Joseph (1883-), Mary Josephine (1885-), Catherine (1886-), Rose Eileen (1888-), Hugh Patrick (1889-), Henry James (1890-), Agnes Hargate (1893-), Ellen (1895-), Alphonsus Bernard (1897-), Christopher Edward (1900-).

Hugh Patrick Laverty (1854-1929), farmer, married in Ballymena in 1878 Margaret McLoughlin of Craigbilly (c1853-1890), her father Stewart McLoughlin, a farmer, Hugh Patrick’s father Hugh is a farmer in Craigbilly. One of the witnesses is Robert McLoughlin, possibly Margaret’s brother.

Hugh Patrick and Margaret have six children.

Mary/Minnie Laverty/Lafferty (1878-) born at Deerfin, Hugh Patrick is a farmer. Mary Laverty married John Friel (1870-), labourer, in Stranrolar, Donegal in 1905, Mary’s father Patrick Laverty is an engine driver, John’s father James Friel (c1827-1902), labourer, his mother Anne Slavin (c1840-1913). Mary/Minnie and John have seven children: James Friel (1906-), Margaret Annie Friel (1907-), John Friel (1909-), Hugh Patrick Friel (1911-), Peter Alphonsus Friel (1913-), Michael Joseph Friel (1915-), and Daniel Friel (1917-). In the 1911 census John and Mary Friel are living with their children James, Margret Anne, and John as well as John’s mother Ann Friel aged 75, and John’s brother Patrick Daniel Friel, a postman, aged 36. Another brother, Peter (1879-), is also a postman in the 1901 census. Others of John Friel’s siblings are Mary (1864-), Margaret (1867-), Michael (1872-), Catherine 1877-).

Daniel Laverty (1880-) born in Deerfin, Hugh Patrick is a servant. (A Daniel dies in 1881 aged 1, in Belfast, his father Patrick a labourer and mother is Margaret).

Rose Lafferty (1883-) in Stranrolar, Hugh Patrick is a railway fitter. In 1901 Rose is a machinist, nothing is noted in 1911.

Twins Bridget (1885-1904) and Margaret Ellen (1885-) in Stranrolar. Bridget is a machinest in 1901 but dies of consumption in 1904 in Stranrolar. Margaret Ellin is a machinist in 1901 and 1911.

An unnamed daughter is born on 10th August 1890 at Stranrolar. The mother Margaret dies on this day. In 1901 and 1911 there is a daughter named Cassie/Catherine query is this she as I can find no other record of a birth. In 1901 she is at school and in 1911 is a machinist.

On 22nd November 1891 Hugh Patrick marries Catherine/Cassie Rutherford (about 1873-before 1929 as Hugh Patrick’s death cert says he is widowed). Hugh Patrick is an engine fitter, his father Hugh Laverty is deceased. Catherine’s father is Allen Rutherford, a labourer.

Hugh Patrick and Cassie have ten children.

Agnes (1893-). In 1901 “Annie” is at school, occupation not noted in 1911. Hugh Patrick (1896-). John (1897-). James Vincent (1899-) in Stranrolar. Daniel (1900-). Isabella Alice (1904-). Henry Alphonsus (1906-). Bernard Joseph (1909-). Bridget Alphonsus (1911-) in Drumboe. Winnifred Agnes (1915-) in Drumboe,

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