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These pages are about my family and are, therefore, constantly in progress as new information comes to light. My mother was from Belfast, my father from Cork. There are pages here for each set of great-grandparents, the Dowds and Girvans from Belfast, the Millars and Lavertys from Ballymena, and in Cork the Murphy and McDonnells and the Sullivan and Sheehans. There is a fifth page for the County Antrim Johnstons and O’Haras as theirs is a story worthy of their own page.


Useful research websites:

Charles Dudgeon

Charles Dudgeon (These first 4 paragraphs appeared in “Taylor’s Castle” In March 1857, the Dublin Daily Express, told us that C. Dudgeon...

Benjamin Hodgens Esq.

The Hodgens family is connected with Wexford by Benjamin Hodgens Esq., Collector of Excise, who died in the Castle on November 12th 1848...

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