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The Millar family

The Millar family in Ballymena and Belfast.

If you think we might be related please make contact.

Joseph Millar (1864-1915) born Ballymena son of Patrick Millar and Mary Ann Henry. Joseph married Mary Ann Laverty - they are my great grandparents.

(Duplicated from the Laverty/Millar Family Details page: Mary Ann Laverty married Joseph Millar ( 1864-1915), cabinetmaker, in 1889 (not, as she tells us, on her 21st birthday!).They had seven children: Rosena Millar (1891-1966). Annabella, named after Anna Bella Johnston (Ethna Carberry) only on her birth certificate and headstone, is known as Isabella, Bella, Cecie, Celia, Celie and Lalla, this last being the name I gave to my beloved Grandmother who was never sure of her own name - Annabella “Isabella” Millar (1892-1969) married Richard Gregory Dowd (1881-1967) in 1917. Josephine Millar (1894- ) married Francis McCay in 1920.William Millar (1896- ). Joseph Millar (1898- ). Mary Ellen (Eileen) Millar (1902- ) married Andrew Flatley, they had one son, Tom Flatley who married Eileen ?, they have one son. James Millar (1905- ), pharmacist.

“Isabella” and Richard had three children and moved from Belfast to Monkstown in Co. Dublin after the Belfast Blitz:- milliner Marie Conleth (Connie) Dowd who studied at the Grafton Academy and had a hat shop on South Anne Street in Dublin; Sculptor Peter Dowd who studied at the National College of Art and taught at the then Dunlaoghaire School of Art; and Róisín Dowd who studied painting at the National College of Art where she met her husband John Murphy from Cork and with whom she spent a lifetime working with stained glass at Murphy Devitt Stained Glass Studios in Monkstown and Blackrock in County Dublin.)

Mary Ann Henry (c1830-) had a sister Ellen Henry (c1850-1915). Patrick Millar (c1830-) was a wood turner. Patrick Millar and Mary Anne Henry married in 1851, their witnesses were Isabella Henry and Mabel Henry.

Patrick Millar and Mary Ann Henry had nine children: Joseph (1864-1915), Patrick (c1856-), William (c1858-after 1889), Robert (c1865-), Isabella (Bella) (1866-), twins John (1869-) described in the priest’s census of c1889 as simple, and Sylvester (1869-1869), Daniel (1872-), and Francis (1861-).

Patrick Millar Jnr, boot-maker, married in Ballymena in 1884, Margaret Jane McAllister (c1863-), their witnesses were Alexander and Bella McNeill. Margaret’s father was David McAllister, labourer, of Ballymena. The priest’s census of c1889 describes Patrick as a drunkard.

Patrick and Margaret had eleven children. Annie Millar (1883-), a flax spinner in the 1911 census. Margaret Jane (Jennie) Millar (1885-) a mill worker in the 1911 census. Patrick Millar (1887-) a labourer in the 1911 census. Isabella (Bella) Millar (1888) a mill worker in the 1911 census. Elizabeth Millar (1881-) a mill worker in the 1911 census. Mary Ann Millar (1893-) a flax spinner in the 1911 census. Robert (Bob) Millar (1895-) a coachbuilder. Ellen (Nellie) Millar (1896-). Alice Millar (1899-). David Millar (1900-). Thomas Millar (1901-). In the 1911 census Jane (Margaret), Bella and Lizzie are all living with their uncle Robert, aunt Bella, and uncle John.

Daniel Millar (1872-), a boot-maker, later a soldier, married in Belfast in 1904 weaver Mary O’Connor, their witnesses were probably Patrick McKnight and Lizzie McCourish. Mary’s father was John O’Connor, a labourer.

Daniel Millar and Mary O’Connor had eight children: Francis Millar (1904-), John Millar (1906-), Daniel Paul Millar (1908-), Patrick Millar (1910-), Mary Ann Millar (1912-), Joseph Millar (1914-), Elizabeth Millar (1915-), and Isabella Teresa Millar (1918-).

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