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Isabella Dowd nee Girvan Family Details

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*The cover image is of Peter Dowd.

Isabella Girvan/Girven (1842-1915) was the daughter of William Girven (1804-1884)

and Ann McMullan (1810-1900). Ann McMullan’s father was Hugh McMullan. William

Girven was the son of Charles Girven and Agnes Harper. Wlliam Girven’s siblings

were John 1806, James 1808-1881, Isabella 1811-1891, Jane 1814, Agnes 1815,

Thomas 1816, and Margaret 1823.

Isabella Girvan’s siblings were Margaret Ann 1831-1913, Charles 1834, Agnes 1836

married William Knox, Jenny/Janet 1839, Jane 1841 married James Boyd a

blacksmith, Ellen 1845 married Andrew Kerr a baker.

Isabella Girvan married *Peter Dowd 1836-1892, son of Michael Dowd and Judith

Downey. Peter’s siblings were Robert 1838, and Richard c1845-1908.

Isabella Dowd née Girvan’s brother-in-law Richard Dowd lived in America. He

married Mary Smith in 1870 and had ten children Francis Christopher 1871 married

Annie Frances Mahoney in 1896, Thomas H 1872-1880, Richard Smith 1873-1875,

Julia Mary 1874-1890, Richard JT 1875-1880, John A 1877-1890, Catherine Ann

1878, Thomas H 1879, Clara 1881-1890, and Agnes Veronica 1883 married John

Joseph Foster a plumber in 1913.

Isabella Dowd née Girvan was stepmother to Peter Dowd and Eliza Walsh’s children

Michael 1863, Robert Joseph 1864-1868, Mary 1865 married Robert Miller 1858 a

tinsmith in 1895, Judith Amelia 1867-1879, Peter Anselm 1869-1884, Elizabeth

Francis 1870-1908, Theresa Juana 1871-c1930, John Mastai Ferratti 1874 married

Katherine M McMahon 1880. Eliza Dowd nee Walsh died in 1874.

Isabella Girvan and Peter Dowd married in 1876 and had three children Isabella

Girvan (1878-1909), Richard Gregory (1881-1967), and Etheldreda Macria


Isabella Dowd née Girvan’s daughter Isabella Dowd married Robert Pattison. They

had three daughters Isabella 1901, Elizabeth 1902 and Etheldrida Macrina 1904.

Elizabeth Pattison married James Geddis in 1934.

Isabella Dowd née Girvan’s son Richard Gregory Dowd married “Isabella” Millar.

They had three children Marie Conleth 1918, Peter Joseph 1921 married Aileen

Bogue, and Venanitus Rosaleen 1923-2006. The youngest known as Roisin married

John Murphy 1921-2006 and had two daughters. One of those daughters, Reiltin,

compiled this Memoir of Great Grandmother Isabella Girvan.

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