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'Gloria in Eggshellses' Exhibition 2012.

BRAVURA Exhibition at the Blue Egg Gallery, John’s Gate Street, Wexford During Wexford Opera Festival 2012.

This collection takes the egg for its inspiration. The egg as a container is a source of new life, blessings, memories and reflection.

The works contain egg shell, 22 carat gold leaf and mixed media. Some are framed and others are housed in found boxes. The calligraphic content ranges from Irish script to an invented alphabet to the ancient Phoenecian early version of our own alphabet. The inspiration behind each piece is reflected in the style of writing. The egg shells involved are from Wexford hens; even the ostrich egg was laid in Wexford!

The box piece took a lot of thought as opening the lower one also, magically, opened the upper. The gloriously dotty title of the box piece came from a book about the history of writing.

Alphabet Cave with R. 2012. Ostrich egg, 22 carat gold leaf, leather.

Aleph. 2012. Ostrich egg, 22 carat gold leaf, vellum.

Ebb and Flow 2012. Hen egg, 22 carat gold leaf, leather, mixed media.

Nonverbal Memories. 2012. Hen egg and 22 carat gold leaf.

Bua agus Beannacht (Good Luck and Blessings). 2012. Hen egg, 22 carat gold leaf.

Lady: experts agree that the inscription in the lower chamber might read 'lady' but probably doesn't. 2012. Hen egg, gold powder, found boxes, mixed media.

Wishing You... 2012. Hen egg, 22 carat gold leaf.

Habitat encrusted with blessings 2012.

Ostrich egg, leather, 24 carat gold, found objects, mixed media.

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